"Low price Guarantee"

SalesHire will 

1. Advertise all your Sales Jobs:

You don't lift a finger. SalesHire® takes over your advertising. We post unlimited listings on 15 job listing websites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, Linkedin, Google and Facebook.

2. Screen all your candidates:

One of our strong points is the response time to getting back to your candidates. Your chances of getting a good hire "skyrockets" if you are the First Responder.

4. Administer SalesHire® DISC assessments:
It's our secret sauce. If your candidate passes our screening, ​SalesHire® immediately sends over the assessment to the candidate. You receive the results instantly on your dashboard. Most qualified rise to the top. 

3. Results:

We can eliminate over 60% of the applicants if they do not pass the screening process.

You never have to contact the unqualified applicants.

Advantages of using SalesHire®

  • Hire the most qualified candidates before someone else does.
  • Sift out the candidates that won't grow your organization. 
  • Saves valuable time.
  • Convenient.
  • Dramatically increase your profits.
  • Less turnover.
  • ​More sales.

​​​Hiring with SalesHire® 

The most important resource within any organization is its employees and adding new members to an existing team is a decision not to be taken lightly.

The process of finding talented employees and bringing them into your organization doesn’t have to be time consuming and stressful.

At SalesHire®, we have developed a tested and reliable DISC hiring and coaching solution that can help you streamline the process, and increase your chances of finding the perfect fit.

We have the best Certified DISC Personality Hire Coaches in the industry to work alongside you with each applicant to ensure good hires from now on. 

We include two business coaching sessions by our Certified DISC Personality Hire Coaches.

SalesHire® is Simple 

Our hiring system provides a fast, easy and reliable way to find the right candidate for the job. Our technology allows you to:

•Automatically rank and sort applicants based on their compatibility online.

•Ask the right interview questions based on candidate's personality style.

•Access detailed information about the applicants communication style, job strengths and weaknesses, patterns of behavior, team thinking style, and workplace values.

•Quickly and effortlessly choose the cream-of-the-crop from a pool of applicants.