About Us


 SalesHire® is comprised of a team of experts that “get” sales and the unique role a person’s inherent personality traits play in their success and ultimately the team’s success. We also understand that employers need a quick, reliable way to find the right candidate for the job.

 SalesHire® technology allows you to make a hiring decision based on more than the selective details candidates choose to share on their resumes or during the interview process. DISC® Personality Assessment Tools allow you to reliably predict the performance, skills, and compatibility of potential employees  before bringing them into your organization. 

 SalesHire® is dedicated to saving you money, saving you time and making it convenient for you to hire the right candidates for immediate ROI.

Our Approach

Your employees are your greatest resource, yet hiring talented employees oftentimes feels like a roll of the dice. SalesHire® provides you with the ability to minimize unknown factors by revealing the candidates strengths and weaknesses, the internal factors that guide decisions, tastes, patterns of behavior, communication style, workplace values and much, much more. ​​​​