AfterHire® Coaching:

One of the ways to experience larger profits sooner is to make sure your new hires are coached after they have been on-boarded. Only SalesHire® works with your new hires on the areas that will make them road signs to the the sale instead of road blocks. One of our Certified Business Coaches will evaluate and make recommendations to make the new hire a well rounded productive sales producer.

Team Dynamics Coaching:

Team Building

Using the SalesHire® DISC system of behavioral analysis allows you to build stronger and more productive teams by:

  • Strengthening communication
  • Minimizing conflict
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Improving morale

[DISC Behavioral Analysis for Team Building] Assessing your team using the DISC system provides you with the tools you need to fully develop the talent that already exists with your current personnel, increase productivity, enhance teamwork and cooperation and ultimately increase your bottom line.

How It Works

SalesHire® uses the DISC system of behavioral analysis. The DISC system provides a common language throughout the organization and will lay the foundation for improving communication, maximizing personal strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
Understanding yourself and those you work with provides the following benefits:

Creates an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation
Improves morale and communication
Allows team members to recognize and capitalize on their strengths
Allows team members to recognize and capitalize on the strengths of others

Through a greater understanding of behavioral styles, your team is better able to recognize and meet the needs of those they serve.

5 Keys to Effective Teams

Through more than thirty years of helping companies of all sizes maximize team effectiveness, we have identified 5 keys common to all effective teams:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Common Goals
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance

Each of the keys to effective teams requires you to know the personality and behavioral style of yourself and your team members.

Well-Rounded Teams

The most effective teams are those comprised of people who possess differing strengths and more importantly, the ability to identify and apply those strengths appropriately.

Dominant team members provide the following strengths and limitations to a team:

  • Great bottom-line organizers
  • May overstep authority
  • Places high value on time
  • May seem argumentative
  • Challenges the status-quo
  • Dislikes routine
  • Can handle multiple tasks at once
  • May attempt too much at once

Influencing team members provide the following strengths and limitations to a team:

  • Great communicator
  • May be inattentive to details
  • Motivates others to achieve
  • Talks more than listens
  • Positive sense of humor
  • May also be sarcastic
  • Negotiates well
  • Can be impulsive

Steady team members provide the following strengths and limitations to a team:

  • Reliable and dependable
  • May be resistant to change
  • Loyal, patient and trustworthy
  • Could be possessive
  • Great “team player”
  • May seem slow paced and stubborn
  • Peacemaker, maintains harmony
  • Keeps feelings to themselves

​Compliant team members provide the following strengths and limitations to a team:

  • Great with facts and information
  • Can get bogged down in details
  • Focused on maintaining quality
  • May seem defensive and critical
  • Thorough and meticulous
  • Hesitant to break rules
  • Great analyzers and developers
  • Can be non verbal

Knowing your strengths and the strengths of those on your team can help you to maximize your effectiveness.